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Programme, preliminary

Scientific Programme

Click here to find information about the scientific programme and a selection of some of the approved abstracts >>

Monday, August 9 – Tuesday, August 10

World Assembly of OMEP >>

Annual meetings for delegates representing the National Committees of OMEP

Tuesday, August 10


                                           PEDAGOGEN - the three buildings 

1.00 pm – 7.00 pm              Registration is open at PEDAGOGEN

                                            Local OMEP members will welcome you at the registration desk.                                             There will be an informal social reception between 4 pm and 7
pm, and you will have the possibility to ask questions and to get
                                            directions for restaurants etc.

Posters can be put up at PEDAGOGEN

                                            Exhibitions can be put up at PEDAGOGEN

4.00 pm- 7.00 pm                Time available for regional/national meetings for OMEP members,

                                            There are classrooms at PEDAGOGEN

                                            To book a room, please send an e-mail to


A limited number of tickets for free visits to some museums are available at the Registration desk when you register.          


Welcome to the museum of world culture, a museum for global contemporary issues.
We want to take all ages seriously. That’s why we have opened the exhibition “Earthlings” an intergalactic space museum for our smallest visitors. There we can discuss how we live today and in the future.
We invite you (50 persons) to a guided tour of the museum and a dialogue about how to talk big issues with small earthlings. 


Welcome to Universeum science discovery center
We take an holistic approach to science and techmology.
Our vision is to create experiences that increase young people´s desire to enhance their knowledge and to become actively involved with the natural sciences and technology
We invite you (30 persons) to a presentation of the science center.

Wednesday, August 11


Poseidon - outside KONSERTHUSET

7.30 - 8.45 am                     Registration is open at PEDAGOGEN 

9.00 am sharp                     Opening ceremony at the CONCERT HALL

10.00 am                             Children - citizens in a challenged world   
Former President of the United Nations General Assembly and 
                                            Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden

11.00 am -                           Registration and information center is open at PEDAGOGEN

11.00 am – 1.00 pm            Walking through the city to PEDAGOGEN

1.00 pm – 2.30 pm              Parallel sessions 1 at PEDAGOGEN

                                            Coffee/tea break

3.00 pm – 4.30 pm              Parallel sessions 2 at PEDAGOGEN

4.30 pm – 5.00 pm              Poster presentations

6.00 pm                             Cultural programme at the CONCERT HALL
The Role of Early Childhood Education for a Sustainable 
Professor Ingrid Pramling Samuelsson, University of Gothenburg,
World President of OMEP

7.00 pm                             Buffet at the CONCERT HALL
Offered by the City of Göteborg and the Region of Västra Götaland

Thursday, August 12

8.30 am                               Meeting time for Study visits, we travel in groups together

                                            More information about the study visits >>

9.00 am -                             Study visits including time for discussions and lunch

                                            Return to the city centre

2.00 pm                               Cultural Programme at the CONCERT HALL
                                            Open listening: creative evolution in early childhood settings

Professor Bronwyn Davies, University of Western Sydney and
Professorial Fellow, Melbourne University

3.00 pm                               Walk to PEDAGOGEN, Coffe/tea

4.00 pm – 5.30 pm              Parallel sessions 3 at PEDAGOGEN

5.00 pm – 6.00 pm              Poster presentations



7.30 pm -                            Congress dinner at Kajskjul 8                                                        
                                           Packhusplatsen 11, Göteborg

Friday, August 13

9.00 am                               Cultural programme at the CONCERT HALL                     
Children, diversity and sociocultural change in Southern 
Dr. Silvia Carrasco Pons, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

10.00 am                             Walk to PEDAGOGEN, Coffe/tea

10.45 am – 12.15 am          Parallel sessions 4 at PEDAGOGEN

12.15 am – 1.30 pm             Lunch at PEDAGOGEN

1.30 pm – 3.00 pm              Parallel sessions 5 at PEDAGOGEN

3.00 pm                               Coffee/tea, walk to the CONCERT HALL

4.00 pm                               Cultural programme at the CONCERT HALL  

                                            Preschool in 5 cultures: welcoming migrant children

                                             Professor Sylvie Rayna, Université Paris XIII

5.00 pm -                             Closing ceremony