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The University of Gothenburg has approximately 50,000 students (25,000 full-time students) and 5,000 employees, eight faculties, the Education and Research Board for Teacher training, and 57 departments. 



Göteborg, Sweden's second city, has a population of almost half a million. There is a distinct maritime atmosphere, with a mixture of older, well-preserved districts and exciting new developments. 



Together with its 49 municipalities, trade and industry, organisations and academia, Region Västra Götaland drives development with Västra Götaland’s best interests as its objective.

The Swedish Research Council is a government agency that provides funding for basic research of the highest scientific quality in all disciplinary domains.  Besides research funding, the agency works with strategy, analysis, and research communication.  The objective is for Sweden to be a leading research nation.  

The Swedish National Agency for Education

The Swedish National Agency for Education is the central administrative authority for the Swedish public school system for children, young people and adults, as well as for preschool activities and child care for school children. Here you can find inforamtion about the Swedish preschools, the National Curricula, statitics and much more.

The Agency also has responsibility for coordinating national initiatives for pupils with disabilities, environmental issues and issues relating to pupils who have just arrived in Sweden.




The Swedish Institute (SI) is a public agency that promotes interest in Sweden abroad. SI seeks to establish cooperation and lasting relations with other countries through active communication and cultural, educational and scientific exchanges.

The SI’s operations are carried out in close cooperation with Swedish and foreign partners, as well as with Swedish embassies and consulates around the world.


The Swedish International Centre of Education for Sustainable Development (SWEDESD)  department of Gotland University.  The Centre is financed by SIDA      

 the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. SWEDESD started in January 2008.  Its purpose is to facilitate and support education and learning in the field of sustainable development.  Learning that results in serious commitment to sustainable development.

The Centre supports education for sustainable development (ESD) as a part of Sweden’s development cooperation. The Centre has a broad scope including formal and informal educational organizations and the promotion of capacity development in ESD. 




The Swedish National Commission for UNESCO has its office at the Ministry of Education and Research. The members of the Commission are appointed by the Government for a period of four years. The members represent UNESCO's fields of competence and the standing committees for education and culture of the parliament.




Lärarförbundet - The Swedish teachers' union - is the largest union for teachers and heads of schools and the fourth largest professional trade union in Sweden. Lärarförbundet has 225 000 members at all educational levels.


Fortbildning AB is a publisher of magazines and books aimed at professionals in the areas of preschool, primary/secondary school, family day care and geriatric care.

In addition, Fortbildning AB also arranges seminars and conferences addressing professional groups in these areas.




a Nordic Publishing Company of literature, textbooks, media etcetera.  Liber AB is a part of infinitas learning. 


The objective of the Studentlitteratur publishing group is to support individuals in the acquisition of knowledge – at school, at college, at university and throughout their professional careers.


Universeum, the biggest Science center in Scandinavia. Here you can discover space, the rainforest and the ocean - all in one day! We have seven floors filled with cool experiences, exciting challenges and ingenious knowledge.rain

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The museum wants to be an arena for discussion and reflection in which many and different voices will be heard, where the controversial and conflict-filled topics can be addressed, as well as a place where people can feel at home across borders.


ay! We have seven floors filled with cool experiences, exciting challenges and inknowledge.               

Göteborgs miljövetenskapliga centrum, GMV


at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers.


Ekocentrum - an independent foundation               

Ekocentrum is a non-governmental organisation, NGO,       Ekocentrum >>
with its roots in the Swedish environmental movement. customers.

      Official airline >>